What we Do?


We train the Human resource for address the challenges of cyber security,the improvement and development of their capabilities relating to the security of the information systems processing.


We consult in preserving any of the evidences found in its original form while interpreting the electronic data with structured investigation by identifying, collecting, and validating. The investigations are required to examine confidential data from servers, computers, switches, routers, the cloud, and other networks to protect your business from data loss and prevent it from unauthorized source. We also have expertise in isolating a rogue digital footprint while accumulating evidence of cyber event which quintessentially facilitates in identifying the root cause of malicious activities.


We alert to technology users about cyber attacks by social media ads, news in newspapers and other Media platforms so that users secure themselves to these cyber attacks.


Cyber Security of Pakistan enrolls Cyber Scouts from different schools and colleges to combat cyber-crime at the grass root level. These Cyber Scouts are selected by Cyber Security of Pakistan with an aim to create a mass movement of Cyber Wise Environment among the parents, teachers and children of varying ages.