Online counseling is usually convenient. Both the counselor and victim have the convenience of corresponding with each other at a range of variant times. For those victims who may feel uncomfortable in talking face to face with someone about their problems who are suffering from stress due to harassment and other such issues. Mostly cybercrime victims are females and from any side/backward areas, so they cannot travel to the cyber security office alone, so having access to the internet they can contact cyber security help desk as well as stress counselors. Online counseling is relatively quick and easy way as compare to face to face counseling.


Staying at home in a familiar environment is certainly a way to keep the victim's comfort level stable, online counseling is just a way to do that. Online counseling can help the victim to feel more secure and comfortable at time when they don't want to go out even for help. The facility to receive counseling from the comforts of their homes makes online counseling the more preferred option for those suffering from physical disabilities.


Online counseling is fairly affordable. It saves the victims time and expense of traveling to stress counselors' clinic. Clinical counseling has been shown more expensive and time consuming especially for those who cannot afford even the expense of traveling, so it is best option to use online counseling services from your home.


Cybercrime victims feel guilt and blame their selves for the problem, so it becomes very difficult for them to go and talk about their problem face to face, they do not openly tell about the situation. In this case online counseling is the great option. With online counseling victim can speak on phone call with a counselor. This really helps them to open up with their stress counselor and share their feeling and experiences with them easily.


Online counseling is a way to keep their problems confidential and maintain their privacy. As in online counseling victim does not need to travel to stress counselors' clinic, they stay at home, no one can see them that they are taking counseling to manage their stress. If they are sharing their private issues so online counseling is a way to keep their data confidential.


Those victims who live in such areas simply might not have access to any other form of stress management because there are limited or no such practices in their geographical area they can get benefit from the accessibility of online counseling. Online counseling is easily accessible to all those who want to use it.


Cyber Security of Pakistan took initiative to organize a stress counseling desk. The reason behind this step is to provide support to the victims of cybercrime. This is very difficult for cyber victims to deal with, when someone is harassing them so the victim tend to commit suicide. Our stress counselors talk with them and tell them that they should talk with their family members so that they can help. In this condition when their family members even do not support them, our stress counselors talk with them and try to reduce their stress so that the victim do not attempt suicide


Stress is an adverse reaction to excessive pressure in external life. Stress can be ongoing and unbearable. It can effect physically, psychologically and emotionally. Talking with stress counselors about the situation can help them to understand and reduce the severity of stress. With the help of counselor victims better understand the situation and possible solution so it ultimately reduces their level of stress. A counselor can help the victim to find strategies to cope up with stress. A counselor is someone who can offload to and be totally honest with the victim, they do not judge them.

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